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Welcome to the Mudde Pathetique Memorial! The purpose of this set of WWW documents is to provide an off-line information source for players and section creators. It includes materials written by the original Dikumud Implementors, by Benedict, the founder of MP, and by other people concerned with MP and ZeeMUD (mostly immortals).

The Mudde Pathetique has been succeeded by Zee Mud, running at 4000 / 4000. We highly recommend that you pay Zee Mud a visit. These pages will remain posted as a memorial to Mudde Pathetique, and as a supplement to the Zee Mud website, but will no longer be updated.

Important links to information sources

If you're new to Mudde Pathetique or to diku-type MUDs in general you can obtain information on how to find your way around MP. This includes instructions on how to create a new character and points you to other important sources of information.

New and old players alike might be interested in the following sources of information:

About The Mudde Pathetique

Theme. MP was a fantasy, swords-and-sorcery type mud. One of the original Dikumud sections, "The Matrix", did not fit this theme, and was removed. New sections submitted for inclusion in MP should conform to this general theme. While some of the existing sections (those open or under development) are influenced by particular authors in the fantasy genre (eg. Tolkein, Lovecraft and Moorcock), the game is not dominated by any one author's concept.

Like many Dikumuds, some of MP's areas are of the hack-and-slash type. On the other hand, several areas are intellectual and quest-based in the sense that complete exploration of the area requires that players pay close attention to details and follow long series of clues. We encourage creators to write sections of the latter type.

Audience. Most of the populace of MP are between the ages of 18 and 25, but we have many players older than this range and some younger. Pretty much anyone is welcome here provided that s/he acts in a mature manner.

Playerkillers make up a small proportion of the characters on MP. Because of our very strict pk guidlines, no player needs to fear of being p'killed unless s/he deliberately chooses to become a playerkiller.

Economy and Balance. Inflation is a problem that most MUDs face and takes at least two forms: Money supply inflation and character power inflation.

Inflation of the money supply occurs because capable players can obtain cash much faster than they spend it, and the value of money to established players drops. We have several mechanisms for dealing with this problem, including rent. Our rent system is progressive, in that players with the best equipment (and thus the best income potential) pay the highest rent.

Character power inflation can occur when section writers are allowed to create extremely powerful items. If these items are widely available, many players will eventually obtain an "optimal" set of equipment. The increasing number of very powerful players will make existing mobiles less challenging to slay, forcing creators to design harder mobiles, with better rewards, leading to a vicious cycle. To break this cycle, the number of powerful items is limited both in terms of absolute number and likelihood of being found by a player. The most superior items are very rare indeed, and other premium items are restricted to a lesser degree, but there is plenty of excellent equipment available to players willing to explore carefully.

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