This spell renders the victim deaf. S/he is unable to hear any spoken communication, including "tell".


This spell causes damaging energy to fly from the casters hands, horribly injuring everything in the vicinity.

See also HIT.


This spell causes the victim to slow down in his attacks, to about 3/4 of normal speed. In other words, about one round in four, a slowed monster or character will be unable to attack at all.


This spell causes the victim to speed up in his attacks, by about 1/2. In other words, every other round, he'll get an extra attack.


This spell marks the location of the character, in preparation for a future "path" or "blink" spell. If a second "mark" is cast, the first "mark" is lost. If "path" or "blink" is cast, the mark may survive or it may not.


This spell tells the caster how to get to where his "mark" is, assuming it is not too far away. It may lead through locked doors, so the the path might not be useful to the caster, but the path that it reports is guaranteed to be correct.

See also: MARK.


This spell takes the caster, in an instant, to his marked spot. For higher level casters, the caster also has a chance of taking group members (who are in the same room) with him, with the following probabilities:

Level		Probability

16		5%
17		10%
18		20%
19		30%
20		60%

This spell automatically erases the mark.

See also: MARK.


This spell creates a monster that will follow the caster like a pet. The monster's level will be at most one-half of the level of the,spell. This differs from the "summon" spell in two ways: first, a monster is *created*, rather than transported. Second, monsters are automatically tamed if the spell succeeds.


A magic user who holds a piece of paper suitable for engraving spells on can use "create scroll" to make a scroll of any spell he knows. There is a "hangover", though, from this, so the caster had best not expect to do much adventuring that day.

The spell is not guaranteed to work, but when it does, you get exactly the spell you requested, at your current level of casting, right on the scroll. The scroll will last until it is used or the game crashes. It can not, however, be rented.


This spell renders a monster or person perfectly helpless; he or she is unable to do anything. A single attack, though, will break the spell.


This spell endows the recipient with infravision; that is, the ability to see in the dark.


This spell confers a magical resistance to fire, that typically means saving throws vs. fire- or heat-based attacks are for half or no damage.


This spell confers a magical resistance to cold, that typically means saving throws vs. cold-based attacks are for half or no damage.


This spell confers a magical resistance to electricity, that typically means saving throws vs. electrical attacks are for half or no damage.


This spell changes the victim's skin to a harder substance that both makes him harder to hit and absorbs damage.


This spell renders the victim immune to the "fear" spell.


This afflicts the victim with horrible disease, causing it to lose hit points until the spell wears off or the disease is cured.


This spell removes the effects of a disease from a person.


This spell makes objects levitate, so that if they're dropped in mid-air, they don't fall. The effect is permanent.

See also: FLYING.


This spell allows a person to travel freely underwater.



This spell allows a person to travel over the surface of a body of water without sinking. You could carry a boat or wear a floatation device instead, but this spell doesn't add to your weight.



This spell allows a person to travel through the air, and over water, without falling.

See also: LEVITATE.


Following help is available:

Help searches for a partial match of the entered word, including any spaces that may follow the word.



Use "practice all" to see all the spells available for your class.

To see all the available spells, type "SPELLS".


A lot of players have problems with their links to the game. This could be very dangerous to your health in the middle of a combat. But we have worked out a solution. There are two cases:

  1. If your link is broken, you will automatically attempt to flee each time someone attempts to hit you. If you manage to flee, then you will be saved by divine forces, and put in a safe place until you reconnect to the game.

  2. If your link jams (freezes) you got a problem. The only solution we can give is that you break your link as quickly as possible. By breaking the link you can hope that the above procedure is initiated. It may be necessary to log in a second character to request the assistance of an immortal in breaking your link if you cut your link and find that you cannot reconnect because the character is 'already playing'.

See also: CRASH.


It was once possible for wealthy players to purchase houses in various parts of the game. Due to limitations on the number of rooms in the game, this is no longer feasible. It may be that in the future houses will be reinstated, but that is currently unclear. The remnants of player's houses may be found in the southern regions of the city of Midgaard.


Here are the rules governing player killing:

Any time you are at or above THIRD level, you can type in "playerkiller". This will allow you to attack other playerkillers.

Here's how it works: in most rooms, the only player-to-player attacks allowed are between playerkillers. So, until and unless you designate yourself as a playerkiller, you cannot be attacked. READ THIS PARAGRAPH AGAIN. You can remain totally safe from all other players if you don't become a playerkiller. Becoming a playerkiller is a one-way trip.

Stealing from players is lumped together with killing them. The only player-to-player stealing is between playerkillers too.

I hope this is clear.

There are two exceptions to the above rules. Some rooms are designated so that there can be *no* playerkilling, even between players who have flagged themselves as PK. The Reception and the Temple are two such rooms, to allow players entering the game to have a chance. For symmetry, some *other* rooms (called "chaotic") allow *any* two players to attack one another. Don't enter chaotic rooms with someone you don't trust.

Part of the idea behind PLAYERKILLER is that a character who gets attacked by another character have a chance to defend themselves against, and revenge themselves upon their attacker(s). For this reason, non-PK characters who assist in the attack of a PK character, by summoning for example, or who uses charmed or loyal followers to attack a PK character, or who tries to circumvent the playerkiller flag in some other manner will be forced to become PLAYERKILLER. Any PK character who circumvents the PK flag to harm non-PK characters will be banished.

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