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The following items of news, in reverse chronological order, may be viewed within the game by typing "help news". For your convenience, a number of jumps into the news, by date, are provided here.

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THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, May 1 1994

Deep Moria, by Axolotl and Njal, is open.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Apr 15 1994

Houses, Inn Rooms and Apartments have been deleted.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Apr 11 1994

The inital conservatory changes have been made; the underworld is a bit smaller. Midgaard has been changed slightly. I doubt many of you will notice. Midgaard is experimenting with expanded punitive venues, and has made agreements with other governments to punish escaped outlaws.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Feb 21 1994

The Underworld and the Negative Material Plane have been overhauled. I will leave it to ShadowDemon and Stenor, who did the work on the Uworld, to discuss the magnitude of the changes on the board. Some changes have also been made to The Past, and Kalos. These will also be on the board. Satan has cut a new deal with some of the Demon Princes, which might make spoiling his visits to the realms of mortals a bit more difficult. Changes/updates have been made to several of the hlep files, with the notable addition of the DESIGN file.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Dec 05 1993

The 'temple convenience store' in Carioca is now open all night, selling a few items profitably to tide people over until business hours resume. The guild bartenders have a new contract, and their strike is over.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Nov 29 1993

Thieves can no longer hide during combat.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Wed, Nov 17 1993

Some monsters can pass through closed doors. Stoneskin can only be cast onto oneself. Senior wizards can now reset your home if your recall is broken, but the recall spell will reset it to the temple in any case. This should only inconvenience players who have houses that are their recall targets. The 'lawman' referred to in the 5.12.93 news is finally active. A bug in the battlefield of The Past has been fixed, making the area slightly more difficult. Some bugs have been fixed in the sewers, and a number of the CHAOS rooms have been removed. Shops are once again open and closed at various times.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Oct 7 1993

Hoss' new section, "The Hall of the Mountain King" is now open. The help file on DODGE should really exist now, please check it out.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Sept 16 1993

Dodge is in. There are new help files for DODGE, POLICY, and IMMORTALITY. The help files for CRASH, SAVE and REIMBURSE have been modified as well.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Wed, Sept 1 1993

The goblin village in Saltmarsh is now open.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, Jun 6 1993

There is now an Inn to the east of Midgaard which rents rooms. Its still experimental so feedback would be appreciated. Access to the Archives has been altered slightly, due to hoarding.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Wed, May 12 1993

Some things should be resetting now, although they won't reset everytime. There is a rumor in Sakkara that the Monarchs will be returning to the palace soon. To prepare for their return, the Law has begun cracking down in that desert city, and Midgaard is following the trend. There's a new lawman in town...

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, Apr 4 1993

Kalos, the long awaited section by Dutche, is now open. Janix will post some information about it on the bulletin board. The Mayor is a bit more street-savvy now.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, Mar 21 1993

Burr's section, the Judge's Manor, is open. Bulletin boards can now hold up to 100 messages; please don't abuse this. I've changed the way that player/player spell attacks are checked. I've tried to keep the same behaviour, but if you notice that the playerkiller code is no longer restricting kills, *please* report it.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Wed, Feb 17 1993

The bag problem is finally fixed -- you should be able to have crash-saved bags have their proper capacity. Cursed objects can't be removed or sold. The Dark Knight's key works as it should.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Feb 09 1993

After two months of fiddling around with the code, I think I've *finally* found the problem. There was a bug in the .shp file, the one file that doesn't get run through syntax_check. And the problem wasn't sufficiently bad to crash the game as it booted up the shops; it took time. The problem is still in the .shp file, but the game thankfully works around it now, and around all other mistakes of that kind.

I'd like to thank you all for your patience, and welcome you back.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Wed, Dec 23 1992

I've been going through the game, trying to track down the problems. I've made a lot of cosmetic changes (that players can't see), and I've run the game through lint. "Remove curse" has been changed -- cast on an (uncursed) person, it'll remove the curse from one of his equipped objects.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Nov 30 1992

Immortals: new zone command "K", works just like "R", but on mobiles instead of objects. Janix' new section is open.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Nov 23 1992

The geography of the river has changed. Some guards in Midgaard and Sakkara will call for help if attacked, even if they start it. The fountain has been fixed -- no more tea. Immortals: "where" can take more than one argument, and it now only shows objects or creatures that match *all* of the words given (example: "where blue potion").

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Nov 17 1992

Some rooms can't have "mark" cast in them.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Nov 12 1992

"Detect magic" spell has been changed; you now get to see a list of all the spells on a person. "Forget" spell has been changed -- cast on a monster that's mad at you, it makes him forget about you! The inns have become a little more particular about who they'll rent a room to. "Teleport" spell is now considered an attack, so it can only be cast pk/pk.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Nov 9 1992

The game is completely saved every 25 minutes now -- this means: monsters continue to remember people; stuff is left where it's dropped; all that good stuff. If the game crashes, when it comes back up, everything (except the players) will be as it had been at most 25 minutes before. Just another innovation from MP labs. Object limits have been changed, some of the stuff you used to be able to get may not be as available any more. The "channel" system has been changed yet again; do "help channel" to see the extent of it. The zone reset system is no longer quite so deterministic: if you go to your favorite section, and the stuff you usually find there isn't there, it might show up on a later reset. Wizards, you might want the new docs on this: it's a very simple change to the .zon file.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Nov 3 1992

"Who" now shows you who's logged onto the game, even if they're invisible and you can't see them. You still can't "tell" them, or hit them, or anything; this change only affects "who".

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Oct 23 1992

I've changed the way that death occurs; the changes from this should be almost invisible to players except for fewer crashes and the occasional "(name) is already dead!" message when in combat. The Demonic Hordes(tm) have been made *slightly* harder (actually just a bug fix to the last implementation -- they use mana for their tricks, and due to a miscalulation they *all* use *all* their mana for a single "gate"). "Help reimburse" has been added -- read it.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Oct 13 1992

Satan has been made easier. Not easy, but easier. After one and a half years, I've finally had to put in site-lock code. Wonderful. "Playerkiller" command has to be followed by the name of the player.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Oct 8 1992

Satan has been toned down. New command, "assist". Messages for damage have changed somewhat; after "massacre" comes "obliterate" followed by "annihilate". Channel now has "all" and "none".

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Sep 28 1992

Mount Olympus (Hermes) is now open. New command, "channel"; alters the behaviour of "shout". Satan has been toughened up. Some rooms don't allow player/player attacks at all, not even between playerkillers.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Sep 10 1992

To get to level 21, you have to be promoted from above. This is due to rampant abuse of immortal powers by several of the more recent inductees. I apologise for the necessity of this. The spell "heroism" now works.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Aug 20 1992

The board now shows the time the message was written at.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sat, Aug 1 1992

"whois" keeps up to date now.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, Jul 26 1992

Wimpy things don't flee if they damage themselves (by falling, poison, etc). If you type "follow" with no arguments, you'll stop following. Mount Olympus (Ares) is now open!

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Jul 24 1992

I'm finally back after my surgery. Immortals, the behaviour of the "E" and "G" commands in zones has changed, please email me if you want new docs (basically, they work in a nice way now). Mortals, the zones should be resetting faster; the "zone" command showed that they were really bunching up badly, and I've fixed that.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Jul 14 1992

The drones have been changed. If you don't know what that means, count yourself lucky. Immortals, there's a new command "zone" that is fairly self-documenting. Give it a whirl. And I think I've *finally* gotten the hp/str stuff to all work at once. New (non-castable) spell: "total recall". Always works.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Jun 15 1992

There is now a card catalog in the library -- read up on those dangerous sections before you visit and are torn limb from limb! Knowledge is power, and ignorance is death. The waterways in the game have been rationalized somewhat; those of you who've memorized the route to the Island Seaways will have to discover it all over again. Hint: it's further west.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, Jun 14 1992

The shops now know about charges in wands and staves; an empty one is worth 1/20 of a full one. You can now see glowing items in the dark. Cursed items have been fixed. "Remove all" has been added. New commands: "gtell", "gcondition", and "split". Your password no longer echos when you're changing it.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Jun 4 1992

Things wimpy-fleeing into air rooms and falling were causing the game to crash (like twice a day instead of every other day, the MP baseline crash rate :-); this is now fixed. Summoning PC's to anywhere outside of Midgaard is considered an attack, so the only extra-Midgaardian summoning is playerkiller-to-playerkiller. This means that you can rescue players, but you can't bring them into a hot spot. Crypto-playerkillers beware.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Jun 2 1992

The "stoneskin" spell has been added.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, May 28 1992

There is a new shop in town which deals in nautical supplies.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, May 26 1992

Movement points used are now a function of weight carried as well as terrain travelled in. Travel light, and you'll use even less than before. There are three new spells to help you move in difficult territory -- "water walking" that allows you to travel on the surface of water, "water breathing" that allows you to travel *under* water, and "flying" that allows you to travel through the air. "Levitate" makes dropped objects not fall.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, May 24 1992

Your regain rate (for mana, hp and movement) is based on your position (resting/sleeping/etc) status *during* the entire game hour preceding, not what it is at the end of the hour. Most commands (for which it's reasonable) now handle "N coins" where N is a number in a nicer way. You can put some coins in a bag now if you like. Wizards: there are several new room types that you should know about.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, May 12 1992

Lights now tell you a little more when you hold them (like whether they're working or not). "Prompt" now has two new parts. There are two new "toggle"s. New command "pagesize".

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, May 07 1992

Alfonse has given the green light to opening up MP to the general public, so let's give him a big round of applause, then go round up all the old players you remember!

Wands and staves need not be held to be used, but they must be equipped. Wizards, note that you can now make, say, a "Funny Hat of Lightning Bolts". Don't go nuts with this -- players have only one HOLD position, but many equipment positions.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Feb 11 1992

I have deleted all players that have been idle more than 200 days, all players with less than ten minutes logged, and all first level players with less than 30 minutes logged. Also, I've deleted the object save file, so you are coming back naked.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Jan 24 1992

Pestilence's extention to Darkendale -- the residential quarter -- is now open. Teleport can be cast on other beings now, but they get a saving throw. Sense life can be cast on others. "Critical hits" and "multiple attacks" are now thief and warrior practicible skills. You have to learn them before you can use them. You can now only cast certain spells (most notably "word of recall") on yourself. New spells: "fear" (make people run away) and "heroism" (resist "fear" spell).

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Jan 22 1992

Aphrodite's section on Mount Olympus is now open.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Jan 17 1992

New commands "commands" and "socials". Shows you all the verbs available to mortals. New toggle, "noshout". You can neither shout nor hear shouts when this is on. New command "spells", shows you all the castable spells in the game. New command "whois". "Vampire touch" spell is working (immortals take note -- this would make a cool staff).

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Jan 14 1992

New spells "dispel good" and "protection from good". "Detect evil" has been replaced by "detect alignment". New restrictions (sigh) on "shout" and "tell" to keep assholes off of our backs. The fortune teller has a new skill. Darkendale by Pestilence is now open.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Jan 13 1992

Persons connected to the game who don't enter it are booted off after three minutes. I *think* this should be time enough to type in a description, but if it isn't, please let me know and I'll extend the time. "Tell" only works on PC's now.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, Jan 12 1992

"Detect magic" has been changed. It now tells you all the spells or spell-like effects that are on a being.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sat, Jan 11 1992

The way spells sound to non-spellcasters is different now. No big deal, but don't be surprised. The fortune teller has a new service. Spell-casting monsters now have mana limits, just like you and me. Go get that orc shaman; he'll run out of "cure light" eventually. The costs in the healing room have been adjusted again. The dump has been adjusted; you get 1/10 of the value of anything you drop there, up to maximum of 1000. First and second level characters get it in experience points; others get it in gold.

New toggle "vicious". You now lose experience points for leaving a battle, whether you do it with flee, recall, teleport or whatever. To make up for this, you now *can* cast word of recall in battle.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Jan 10 1992

Due to player demand, "magic light" is back on the spell lists.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Jan 9 1992

Pets have been changed. They will assist you if you're attacked, but they can't be ordered. Charmed monsters can still be ordered. Helpers you get through "animate dead", "call/capture elemental", and "charm person" are charmed; helpers from pet shop and "monster summon" are not.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Wed, Jan 8 1992

New command "gamesize". Cheap ripoff of SillyMud's "world". New command for immortals: "spell_list"; shows how much spells are being used.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Jan 7 1992

Significant rework of spells. "Ventriloquate", "clone", and "magic light" have been removed from the spell lists, and "haste" and "slow" have been removed from the clerical spell list. If you have practiced any of the now-cancelled spells, your practice sessions have been refunded to you. "Cure serious", new cleric spell. "Haste" can now be cast on other people. "Monster Summon", new magic user spell. "Call" and "Capture Elemental" have been moved to 12th and 8th level for magic users, respectively. "Strength" can now be cast on others. "Paralysis", new spell. "Infravision", new spell. "Resist Cold/Fire/Electricity", new cleric spell. "Create Scroll", new magic user spell.

Coming soon: Stoneskin and Vampire Touch (magic user spells).

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Jan 3 1992

Welcome back. Mount Olympus section has (finally) opened up. Many monsters that were supposed to cast spells before and didn't (due to a bug) now do. Watch yourself. Also, some monsters are smart enough to pick up and use stuff they find. Don't drop coins; there's a new species of monster called a "hyper-janitor" that exists to clean up dropped stuff. When you want to divvy up the swag, use "give" not "drop".

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Wed, Dec 18 1991

There is a free rent room. Don't go into it unless you intend to leave until Jan 2. I'll be out of the country from Dec 23 to Jan 1, so if the game goes down during that time, I can't reboot it. I'd advise you all to free-rent on December 22 or sooner.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Dec 17 1991

Magic-users' damage spells are considerably improved. Warriors get multiple attacks starting right at the first level (but not too frequently).

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Dec 16 1991

DrWhat's section is now open. Spells basically max out now -- you can cast "armor" on yourself without waiting for the old spell to expire. Class limitations on stuff has been put in.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Dec 9 1991

New shop in town, to sell your precious gems at. There are also a few new tougher elites, to make sure that everything is above board. New socials: "tap" and "cheer".

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sat, Dec 7 1991

The elemental spells (finally!) work, as does "slow".

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Dec 6 1991

Shopkeepers have changed slightly -- some can be attacked. All of your toggles are saved now, including selfecho and staymortal. Carioca's temple has changed slightly, too.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Dec 2 1991

New command "fill". You needn't be holding an object to drink from it. Hoss' section is now open. "Wear all" works. You can take down your own notices from the bulletin board; if you want someone else to be able to take them down, put their name in parens in the title.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Nov 26 1991

Tom's section is now open. There are some other fixes, but I can't remember them.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Nov 22 1991

OK, levels have been changed again. Plus, stuff that is dropped into death rooms by players has a chance of appearing elsewhere in the game.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Nov 21 1991

"Kill" spell has been changed; "forget" spell has been added; the player toggles are all reached through the "toggle" command. The experience points required for different levels have changed quite a bit too, especially at the high end.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Nov 14 1991

Pets have changed (zombies and charmed followers count as "pets" in this context). Don't abuse them, or they'll get angry.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, Oct 27 1991

New command "selfecho". RTFM.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Oct 22 1991

New command: "condition". Like "look at" but only tells you how badly the critter is hurting. If you're fighting, it tells you the condition of your opponent if you have no argument.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, Oct 20 1991

Dying now makes all the people who are mad at you forget you.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Oct 18 1991

There's a new shop in town. TEAMING UP WITH PEOPLE OF MUCH HIGHER LEVEL THAN YOURSELF WILL DRASTICALLY SLOW YOUR EXPERIENCE GAIN. You can gain a lot more experience with people at or near your own level.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Oct 17 1991

Several new sections are available, plus the "kill" spell.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, Oct 13 1991

Some spells cast on monsters make then angry. Backstab delays you, like bash and kick. Helpfile now has "sections" to show what areas are in Mudde Pathetique.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Oct 10 1991

Passwords no longer echo (but you saw that already), and there's a casino underneath the Grunting Boar bar.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sat, Oct 05 1991

I've implemented some of the new spells: deafness, haste, mark, path and blink.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Wed, Oct 02 1991

You can now save up to 50 items when you rent.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Fri, Sep 27 1991

There is now a long-term rent area (read the sign there) and a healing room near the temple.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Sep 23 1991

Cure insanity now works too. Plus, Batman's "Underworld" has finally been opened up. I don't know what character level it's really suited for -- perhaps BatMan himself would be good enough to post something...?

Also, some mobiles now remember who attacks them. So you can't just flee and go back later. Some mobiles in town will even cry out for help, and have guards respond to them.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sun, Sep 22 1991

New command: title. "Where" now shows all players in the same zone as you. Another new command: rtime. This tells you what time it is (here, anyway). I've also put in a few new social actions: stomp, roll (your eyes), tantrum, grimace, jump and pinch.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Sep 20 1991

Magic light finally works. Please read the help file before using it.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Sat, Sep 14 1991

Shatter and insanity now work. Also, the "prompt" command has been installed, as per players' (often quite forceful) requests. :-)

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Jun 26 1991

Here are the new spells: animate dead, dispel magic, suggest, shatter, insanity, forget, obscure exit, phantom exit, mask, mirror image, penetrate illusion, cure insanity, call elemental, capture elemental, corrupt, deafness, kill, magic light, slow, haste, mark, path, blink.

So far only animate dead, dispel magic and suggest are implemented.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, May 21 1991

All of the social commands (except "tackle") are now supported (I think). Please let me know if they work properly.

Read the docs for PLAYERKILLER. This is very important.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, May 20 1991

There's a bank in town. IMPORTANT: pretty soon, I'm going to make it so that quitting will drop all your gold as well as your gear. If you quit rather than rent, get into the habit of going to the bank.

New social command: blink. For blinking in astonishment.

For those of you who've been to ShadowDemon's Negative Material Plane and found it too tough (or at least too time-consuming waiting for the evil denizens' spells to wear off), they've been toned down. Slightly.

"look" now shows you a room description even if you are in brief mode.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, May 02 1991

New command: wimpy.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Thu, Apr 25 1991

Your objects are saved with "save". No more reimbursements. After a crash, your stuff is safe for one day only.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Tue, Apr 23 1991

Some monsters now have infravision, meaning they can see in the dark. Especially subterranean type monsters.

Some monsters do other stuff too, but I'm sure you'll soon learn about *that*.

THE DIKUMUD HERALD - Mon, Apr 15 1991

You enter this game as "the Man" or "the Woman" as appropriate. To become a first level character, contact me, and I'll start you up.

New command: hp. Just gives the status line from "score".

"score" now tells you if you're hungry or thirsty.

"identify" cast on a character tells that character's stats.

The graveyard has been expanded again. Please let me know what you think.

New section: Wizard's Tower. Just east of town.

New section: Drow City. Thanks Rorschach.

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