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Classes, skills, and guilds:

When you enter the game the first time, you are asked to select a class; either THIEF, WARRIOR, CLERIC, or MAGIC USER. Characters belonging to each of these classes have their own qualities, abilities, and handicaps.

It is not unusual that people belonging to different classes, by joining their efforts and combining their skills, find their chances of survival and progress greatly improved. Indeed, a team consisting of members from all four classes can be an extremely powerful unit; capable of opening doors without keys, creating food supplies out of nothing, and destroying an enemy in several different ways. It is not advisable for a new player to offend the members of such a group!

In order to learn the tricks of your specific trade, you need to find your GUILD, which may take a little exploring. However, you can usually find a guild in any reasonably populated city. Once you've found it, you need to look up your guildmaster and PRACTICE.


It is never wise to travel without the proper equipment. You may purchase this in the SHOPS found in any larger city, or you may be lucky and find some left around, dropped by someone who doesn't need it anymore, for one reason or another.

About Staying Fit - Eating and Drinking:

At one time or another, you'll see the message "You are hungry". This means that it's time to find something edible before too long. People don't starve to death in this world, so have no fear. However, when you are hungry, you do not build up lost energy, so eventually you'll be unable to do anything but sit around and feel sorry for yourself, until someone comes by. Then, you can only hope that it's a benevolent person, rather than a greedy thief or a warrior lusting for blood.

General hints:

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