Advice for new players

This page is under construction...... Getting started on a MUD can be very difficult for new players, especially those who have never played this type of game before. Thus, one of the principal purposes of this WWW server is to provide information to make this process easier for new people. New mudders may also be interested in Part 1 of Jennifer Smith's FAQ on MUDs.

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How to connect to the Mudde Pathetique

In order to play most MUDs, your computer must be connected to the internet. Since you're reading this over the world-wide web, this is presumably true of the computer you are now using. As with all MUDs, you connect to MP by 'telnetting' to its address (namely, 2999). How this is done depends on what kind of computer system you're using. For example, if you are logged into a unix workstation, you would type something like the following:

yourprompt% telnet 2999

On many VAX systems, you might have to do something like this:

yourprompt$ telnet

Alternately, you might access telnet through a menu choice on one of these systems, in which case you would respond to your telnet prompt like this:

telnet> open 2999

It would be somewhat different with a personal computer with a connection to the internet (direct or SLIP/PPP). For example, a Macintosh user running NCSA Telnet could choose 'open session' from the 'file' menu and type the address 2999 in the session name field of the dialog box that appears. Consult a friend or the documentation for your software if you need help doing this. Remember though, that if you are logged into some online service over a modem, that you should be using commands appropriate to the kind of system that service runs (eg Unix), not the particular computer you've got connected to it.

You can also use other programs to invoke telnet for you. For example, there is a list of MUDs accessible through a gopher server at the University of Minnesota. You can also invoke telnet over the world-wide web. For example, you can telnet to Mudde Pathetique from this page.

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