Mage Spells

Level one spells

magic missile

Level two spells

detect invisibility, detect magic

Level three spells

chill touch, infravision, magic light

Level four spells

invisibility, levitate

Level five spells

armor, burning hands, deafness

Level six spells

locate object, slow

Level seven spells

monster summon, shocking grasp, strength

Level eight spells

blindness, dispel magic, teleport

Level nine spells

cure insanity, lightning bolt, mark, path

Level ten spells

animate dead, control weather, paralysis, shatter

Level eleven spells

colour spray

Level twelve spells

capture elemental, curse, enchant weapon, forget, haste, insanity, stoneskin, suggest, water breathing, water walking

Level thirteen spells

energy drain

Level fourteen spells

charm person, cure disease, sleep, vampire touch

Level fifteen spells

blink, fear, fireball

Level sixteen spells

call elemental, flying, kill

Level seventeen spells

create scroll

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