Cleric Spells

Level one spells

armor, cure light, heroism, magic light

Level two spells

create water, detect poison

Level three spells

create food, detect magic, resist fire

Level four spells

animate dead, cure blind, deafness, detect alignment

Level five spells

bless, cure insanity, cure serious, detect invisibility, resist cold

Level six spells

blindness, cure disease, mark, path, protection from evil, protection from good

Level seven spells

earthquake, resist electricity, sense life

Level eight spells

dispel magic, poison, summon, water breathing, water walking

Level nine spells

cure critic, remove poison

Level ten spells

blink, dispel evil, dispel good, suggest

Level eleven spells

word of recall

Level twelve spells

call lightning, forget, paralysis, remove curse, shatter

Level thirteen spells

capture elemental, control weather, sanctuary

Level fourteen spells

heal, insanity

Level fifteen spells


Level sixteen spells


Level seventeen spells

call elemental, fear

Level eighteen spells

cause disease

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