As a rule, reimbursements should not be necessary on Mudde Pathetique. If the game crashes while you are on, your stuff should be stored in a save file. WHEN LEAVING THE GAME, YOU MUST RENT. Losing your stuff because you went link-dead rather than renting out does NOT entitle you to reimbursement.

  1. If you die, and the game crashes before you can recover your items, this is a tragedy for you, get counseling, but don't ask for reimbursements. If the game crashes do *NOT* cut your link or kill your client program *during* the crash, as the game will erase your items. Wait until the message 'connection closed by foreign host' appears on your screen.

  2. Items you lost for having more than 50 in your inventory are not subject to reimbursal. Objects that are over the number allowed in the game are also not reimbursable.

  3. You may get reimbursed for ONE set of items, i.e. one pair of boots, two rings, one weapon, etc. If you were carrying more stuff, you must choose which one of each you want reimbursed, do this *before* contacting a god/dess to reimburse you, their time is in high demand. :)

  4. Items that can, in the judgement of the reimburser, be easily won back by the player will not be reimbursed. (e.g. life vests which can be bought in town, virgin necklaces for a high level mage.) This also applies to items which can be readily purchased in the shops of Midgaard and its suburbs.

  5. If you are rude or abusive to the immortal at hand, you may not be reimbursed at all, so please mind your manners, we are all willing to help, but not willing to be punching bags.

  6. Listen to what the immortal asks. Some prefer to have items listed one at a time, some prefer a list as fast as you can type it in. Either way, answer questions as they are posed, and know what you are missing *before* you ask for reimbursement.

  7. If a log check later shows that you were lying about your posessions, your character will be deleted.

  8. Only Wizards, Senior Wizards and Gods can reimburse. Level 21 immortals cannot reimburse, so please don't pester them about this particular issue.



The Midgaard year is made up of seventeen months of thirty-five days each. Each day is twenty-four hours long. At present, not much depends on game time, with the exceptions of sunrise/sunset and shop openings/closings. I'm hoping to add a bit of astrology to the game, but don't hold your breath.

The months of the year are: Winter, Winter Wolf, Frost Giant, Old Forces, Grand Struggle, Spring, Nature, Futility, Dragon, Sun, Heat, Battle, Dark Shades, Shadows, Long Shadows, Ancient Darkness and Great Evil.


I make sure that your starting stats are acceptable. By acceptable, I mean that you have at least 16 in your primary, and no more than one score less than 10. Of course, this still allows for considerable variation in scores; all the way from all 18's down to 16 10 10 10 3.

In order to prevent people from creating thousands of first level characters until they find one they like, the game automatically rerolls you when you get to third level. This may make your stats better or worse, but they'll still be "acceptable" by the above definition.


Mudde Pathetique currently has the following sections:

LOW          Darkendale Swamps          by  Pestilence
LOW          The Farm                   by  Indy
LOW          The Graveyard and Crypt    by  Benedict
LOW          Light Haon-Dor Forest      by  ORIGINAL DIKU IMPLEMENTORS
LOW          Matrix                     by  ORIGINAL DIKU IMPLEMENTORS
LOW          Midgaard City              by  ORIGINAL DIKU IMPLEMENTORS
LOW          Moria, level 1             by  ORIGINAL DIKU IMPLEMENTORS
LOW          Sewers, level 1            by  ORIGINAL DIKU IMPLEMENTORS
LOW/MED      The Giant's Nursery        by  DrWhat
LOW/MED      The Plains of ZoD          by  ZoD
LOW/MED      Saltmarsh                  by  Stenor
MED          Artemis/Olympus            by  Zaratyst & Destiny
MED          Carioca's Temple           by  Carioca
MED          Dark Haon-Dor Forest       by  ORIGINAL DIKU IMPLEMENTORS
MED          Enfans                     by  Langy
MED          Hephastus/Olympus          by  Zaratyst & Destiny
MED          Neer Valley                by  Hoss
MED*         The Midgaard Archives      by  Janix
MED          Moria, lower levels        by  ORIGINAL DIKU IMPLEMENTORS
MED          Sewers, middle levels      by  ORIGINAL DIKU IMPLEMENTORS
MED          Temple Labyrinth           by  Langy
MED          Wizard's Tower             by  Benedict
MED/HIGH     Aphrodite/Olympus          by  Zaratyst & Destiny
MED/HIGH     Darkendale City            by  Pestilence
MED/HIGH     Darkendale Forest/Mines    by  Pestilence
MED/HIGH     Judge's Mansion            by  Burr
MED-ULTRA    Ancient Thalos             by  Janix 
HIGH         Ares/Olympus               by  Zaratyst & Destiny
HIGH         Desert                     by  Roscharch
HIGH         The Forest Canopy          by  Janix
HIGH         Hermes/Olympus             by  Zaratyst & Destiny
HIGH         Island Seaways             by  Mahatma
HIGH         Land of the Dead           by  Krellor
HIGH         L-Space                    by  Janix
HIGH         Sakkara City               by  Hal
HIGH         Sewers, lower levels       by  ORIGINAL DIKU IMPLEMENTORS
HIGH         Thalos                     by  Roscharch
HIGH/VHIGH   Draconian Ruins            by  Tanin
HIGH-ULTRA   Deep Moria                 by  Axolotl & Njal
HIGH-ULTRA   Hall of the Mountain King  by  Hoss
VHIGH        Drow                       by  Roscharch
VHIGH        Negative Material Plane    by  ShadowDemon
VHIGH        Negative Material Plane 2  by  ShadowDemon
VHIGH        Underworld                 by  BatMan
ULTRA        Realm of Shadows           by  Pestilence
ULTRA        The Manor                  by  Tom

Where LOW means for character levels 1-5, MED means for 6-10, HIGH means levels 11-15, VHIGH is levels 16-20, ULTRA is levels 21-25, and DEATH is levels 26-30.

* This section is like Midgaard itself -- safe if you keep your hands in your pockets. There are unsafe parts, but they are clearly marked.

Coming soon: Sakkara Palace (Hal), Sleepdale Woods (Skip), Morkroft Keep (Flint), Midgaard Arena (Cuddles), Secret Lab and Chess Board (Pestilence), Forgotten Empire of Atlan (Janix), Vadhagh Island (Kryten)......

For information on designing new areas, see the help files for IMMORTALITY and DESIGN.


Currently, all players are required to design and submit sections before advancing to Immortality. Any players who wish to design an area should consult with Janix during the early stages of the area's conceptual development. There are a great number of sections being developed and debugged, and it is important to be certain that the work you intend to do has not already been done by someone else. Also, the geographic location of many sections can be integral to the theme of the area, and any conflicts between the placement of upcoming areas should be resolved early in the development process. Finally, keep in mind that we wish to maintain some semblance of balance in the level of the sections which are opened.

It is recommended that a first-time section be small; this usually means on the order of 20-50 rooms. It is also strongly reccomended that a first-time section fit in with the regional and historical themes of the game. Finally, every section should have a theme or story-line around which it is based. This makes incorporation of the area into the geography and history of the game much easier. Please take all of this into consideration when designing your area.



A list of MUDs is avaible within the game by typing 'help mudlist'. You may access a different list of muds through the world wide web.


Welcome to The Mudde Pathetique. The code for this version of Diku is fairly different from the code on other MUDs, so in order to get the feel for the place, we suggest that you read some help files. You can read file "X" by doing "help X". The following files are the most important ones: COMMANDS, CHANNEL, DEATH, GOD, IMMORTALITY, LINK, NEWS, PLAYERKILLER, POLICY, PRACTICE, PROMPT, RENT, REST, RULES, SAVE, SECTIONS, SHOUT, SOCIALS, SPELLS, and SECTIONS", you will see that there are a number of sections for low level characters. There is also a partial map of the city, located at the front desk of the city Archives, which may be of some help in finding food and drink. One of the more popular low level sections, The Farm, can be reached by going west along main street, until one reaches the city's west gate, and then proceeding south, crossing the bridge, continuing south, until no further progress is possible, and then going west.

For those of you who are experienced DikuMUD players, but have never played Mudde Pathetique before, "news" gives a (very lengthy) summary of most of the changes made to the game, in reverse chronological order. The newest changes are at the top, so check from time to time to see what's been added.

Copyright 1994-1995 The Mudde Pathetique

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